The day I discovered WordPress, I felt in love with it. You can call it Love At First Sight.

From that day onwards, I have been telling everyone I know about WordPress and how wonderful this piece of software is.

I started creating many web sites using WordPress and making money out of them.

And I even trained my good friends and valued clients on how to use WordPress to build powerful and easy to maintain web sites for themselves. Some of whom have became full-time Internet Entrepreneurs in their own right!

The more I played with WordPress, the more I love it!

Over the years, WordPress has been constantly improving to become a world class piece of software.

Today, it powered hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of web sites that you see online.

One fine day, I finally decided to monetise my love and passion for WordPress.

And there you go, was founded.

You may wonder, what is WordPresspreneur?

And some are right on first guess, it is a new term that I have coined out of these 2 words WordPress + Entrepreneur.

Sorry, no reward for guessing right that this site was also built on WordPress! 😛

I have been running a web design and hosting business for the past 11 years (so I know all the challenges and limitations for creating and maintaining web sites for individuals and businesses).

And I love coaching people how awesome WordPress is as a tool for creating web sites easily with no prior technical knowledge. I picked up WordPress skills on my own many years ago and it has allowed me to make money online and offline. I hope with my WordPress training, I can equip you to do the same for yourself or your business too!

So there you go! The purpose of this web site is to empower Individuals and Entrepreneurs by equipping them with essential WordPress skills!

If you are interested to know more about my WordPress training workshop in Singapore, go to my WordPress Training page.