I conduct WordPress training. Yes, hands on training.

The aim is to empower individuals and entrepreneurs with practical WordPress skills for creating web sites for profiting, either to make more money or cut costs.

Here is what you will learn if you come to my hands on WordPress workshop in Singapore:

  • How to register a domain name cheaply
  • Recommendations of domain registrars
  • How to register a web hosting plan
  • Important tips and recommendations for choosing a web hosting company
  • Introduction to WordPress and its capabilities
  • The differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org
  • How to create your own WordPress web site in under 5 minutes (no technical skills needed!)
  • How to create Pages and Menus for your new site
  • How to insert images, videos and hyperlinks into the web site
  • How to create a WordPress blog and add new posts to it
  • What are WordPress plugins and how to get them for free
  • How to expand the functionalities of your web site using plugins!
  • What are WordPress Themes (design templates) and how to get them for free
  • How to change the look and feel of your web site using free or paid WordPress themes
  • Google friendly SEO tips to help you get more traffic from Google
  • Tweaking Basic WordPress settings for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!
  • How to track and measure traffic to your web site using Google Analytics
  • How to accept payment on your web site from your customers
  • Where to get advance WordPress help when you need it
  • And more


Besides getting essential WordPress training from me, I will also provide you with the following bonuses:

  • Free images such as buttons, bullets, icons etc for building your new site
  • Free guide “Proven Strategies for Making Money with WordPress”
  • And more…!


Pre-requisites for my WordPress Training workshop:
1. You must bring your own laptop (Mac or Windows is fine) to attend the training.
2. You are comfortable using the internet on your own, e.g. email, online shopping, online banking etc (Note: Technical skills not required. If you can read and follow simple English instructions, point and click your mouse around, you can easily create a WordPress web site too).
3. You are looking to master WordPress Basics so that you can create/maintain your own sites (this is not advanced WordPress or SEO course).


Who Should Attend:

  • Volunteers who wants to create/maintain their own web sites for their projects or charities etc.
  • Aspiring Newbies Internet Marketers/Bloggers who want to learn WordPress for their new Internet Businesses.
  • Small Business owners who want to save costs by doing web site maintenance inhouse.
  • New Coaches/Speakers/Consultants who want to increase their visibility online with a web site/blog.
  • Web Designers who want to pick up WordPress skills so that they can cut down on outsourcing.
  • Homepreneurs / Mumpreneurs / Dadpreneurs who wants to make money working from home via their web sites

I am looking to keep the class size to not more than 5 persons so that I can focus my attention to all the students.

I am always open to ideas to improving my WordPress workshop. So if you have any suggestions, do contact me.